About Us

Working for large enterprises (EDS, Apple, Merck, Chevron, Harman Kardon), start-ups, and small businesses has proven to us that any business or organization can increase sales without increasing their marketing expense…if they optimize their communications. Sales goals or any business goal can be met with strategic programs built on marketing fundamentals. We at Vision Marketing believe a lot of marketing dollars are wasted on sales tools, PR programs, advertising, and other communications that ignore the fundamentals. We identify what makes your business unique and create content and programs that engage and motivate buyers, donors, members, etc. We look for clients who want to optimize or totally revise their marketing communications (marcom), and are ready and able to engage in the process. In addition to our regular clients, Vision Marketing also provides its marketing expertise to businesses through Visión Hispana Newspaper  www.VisionHispanaUSA.com, one of the most recognized Spanish-language media outlets in the San Francisco (California) Bay Area. Ethnic marketing, content creation, and community engagement are among the many services we offer local businesses there (and everywhere!).

The Vision Marketing team is led by Darren Ballegeer and Elena Miramar, who together have more than 30 years of experience in marketing planning, content creation, advertising, PR, publishing and news media. Your opportunity is to have a brief discussion with Darren or Elena to learn how we help businesses stand out from their competition and increase sales.

Contact us for a no-cost review of your website, advertising, PR, or any sales or marketing material.

You can call us anytime at 510-415-2573. Or email us: darren@ballegeer.net or elena@visionhispanausa.com

Vision Marketing: Increasing sales. For any business. In any market.

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