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Before you advertise to Hispanic consumers – Marketing Truth #12

We are currently speaking with several Bay Area businesses (a dental office, law firm, and a private school)advertising bullseye that are looking to advertise in Spanish – our first step is to help them target their outreach to maximize results. About 90 percent of local businesses and organizations we have worked with in the last ten years have been in need of basic targeting, which is necessary to maximize consumer response. Defining your consumer targets is a relatively easy process and one that should be done before you invest in advertising or other outreach. The following questions will give you an idea of our process to make sure an ad or other marketing tool is targeted.

  1. What kind of customers do you want? Who are they and how are they defined by their needs, habits, language use, and spending power?
  2. What aspects and benefits of your product/service most appeal to the target segment?
  3. What do targets need to make a decision to do business with you or request info?

Basically, targeting is like match-making. Make sure you are communicating to the right people with the right messages — whether you do or not will provide another example of Why marketing is like dating

— Darren Ballegeer, Elena Miramar – Vision Hispana Newspaper

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