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Hispanic Marketing Truths…and Assumptions

Assumptions are often costly, and we have heard many assumptions about Hispanic marketing and have seen many marketing tools and programs based on such assumptions. Here are some Hispanic marketing truths that we have recognized through our experience – truths meant to be a helpful response to the incorrect assumptions about the growing, complex, and lucrative Hispanic market.

1.    The Hispanic consumer market is segmented into many different target markets by the usual demographic indicators AND by language and family status (from immigrant to 3rd, 4th, generation, etc.).
2.    Communication in Spanish is mostly a preference, not a necessity. Never assume that communicating in Spanish means you are reaching only those people who lack English.
3.    Most of the Hispanic market is also part of the general market. Most Hispanics are consuming and responding to marketing information in both languages, but communicating to Hispanics in Spanish is demonstrating that your business is speaking to them specifically.
4.    Culturally-relevant marketing messages in English are increasingly being used in Spanish language media.
5.    Marketing messages translated from English for the Hispanic market is a common and costly mistake. Getting real results from your Hispanic communications means doing some planning and messaging.
Understanding and respecting the preferences, habits, and emotional triggers of the top Hispanic market segments is necessary to realize sales and organizational goals.  — Elena Miramar and Darren Ballegeer

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