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How to vet any expert (Part 1)

I believe that a key part of being a savvy manager or business owner is knowing which experts or consultants to believe – there are many of us out there vying for your attention and budgets. My previous post about the article in Forbes is a perfect example of a consultant making a self-serving case for a certain truth. Before you make any business decisions based on anyone’s truths or advice:

  1. Consider the source. Does the person who states that widgets are the only solution, sell widgets? Does their advice lead only to what they are selling or are they providing an integrative vision, a holistic view that brings maximum results for minimal expense AND increases your understanding of their area of expertise?
  2. Know that experts love to make big statements. The real truth on any topic is never as attention-getting as a dramatic statement designed to promote an expert’s personal brand.
  3. Think and question. There is usually some truth in anything an expert says, but you need to question them about their recommendations and past results.

Ultimately, it’s about trusting your own judgement. Be a savvy buyer of services and you will get a higher return on any size budget or expense. –- Darren Ballegeer

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