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Is your marketing evolving with consumer behavior?

The current global economy is contributing to a change in consumer behavior that favors products and services that are environmentally friendly, healthy and authentic. I see this trend in tourism, food, clothing, and other areas. Business owners need to be aware of shifting consumer sensibilities and evolve their marketing communications (and products) to match. The best way to test shifting values of your target market is to ask them – email and website surveys, social media engagement, etc. In today’s engagement marketing environment, it´s easier than ever to learn about your targets’ values and preferences. The next step is to develop new marketing messages and content, and reposition your product offerings. — Darren Ballegeer

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Slow sales share common causes

“We can’t increase our sales and we can’t afford to compete on price anymore,” is essentially what I hear from many business owners and managers I consult with. Helping them understand how to boost sales and compete more strongly usually starts with discussing the marketing fundamentals that are represented below by the most common mistakes I see when reviewing business’ marketing tools and content. The good news is that applying some smart marketing fundamentals to any business’ market outreach is easier and less costly than most people imagine (though many marketing consultants and agencies want you to believe the opposite):

1. The advertising, brochures and other marketing and sales tools often fail to differentiate the product. They also fail to communicate competitive advantages, clear product benefits, or a clear target market. 2. A low-risk call-to-action for the prospect is usually missing. 3. Websites, even when attractive and informative, often fail in the same ways as advertising. Also, they are often not designed to convert a visitor to a sales lead or they fail to offer a compelling incentive for the visitor to take action.

Attention to these common but critical issues can transform your marketing tools and your sales results. A slow economy is the perfect time to make your marketing smarter and more productive, which should actually lower your total marketing budget.  — Darren Ballegeer

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The #1 Hispanic marketing truth

When I’m asked by business owners how they can get a bigger share of the Hispanic market, I usually answer with a question. When I’m asked about online marketing or social media, I respond with the same question: “Do you feel that your current communications are optimized?” I see too many advertising campaigns or other marketing efforts go to waste because the business owner has not yet gotten the basics right for their  general-market communications. So my recommendation is to optimize your marketing messages and content before you spend more money on advertising or time with social media or other tactics. With a market strategy and messages in place, you can then tune them for ethnic markets and choose the appropriate communication channels. So my #1 Hispanic marketing truth is really my #1 recommendation for any business or organization that is asking how can they attract more customers, donors, members, etc.  — Elena Miramar

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