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Why marketing is like dating (#2)

Desperation is never attractive. On a first date or in any interaction with a potential love, even a hint of desperation can defeat your otherwise good efforts to sell yourself (or be yourself). Most sales promotions, discounts and other offers that businesses rely on are desperate by definition – “We can’t think of any good reasons for you to become our customer, so here is our desperate sales offer of the week”, is what many offers are essentially saying to the target. If your marketing messages sound desperate and are not communicating any of your (product’s) virtues, you (or your business) are more likely to be lonely. If your communications and offers are more focused on closing the sale than they are on connecting, then you will need luck to get lucky. Define what makes your product or business great and lead with messages that connect and attract instead of offers that communicate nothing about the heart of your business. Desperate tactics are usually the domain of retail businesses, though B2B businesses are also guilty – a topic for a future post.  — Darren Ballegeer

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