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Slow sales? Review your communications.

“We can’t increase our sales and we can’t afford to compete on price anymore,” a business owner recently told me…as many business owners have. Helping them understand how to boost sales and compete more strongly usually starts with a quick review of their marketing tools and content, which often: 1. Fail to differentiate the product or communicate competitive advantages, clear product benefits, or a clear target market. 2. Lack a low-risk call-to-action for the prospect. 3. Are not designed to convert a prospect to a customer. 4. Lack a compelling incentive for the prospect to take action. Attention to these common issues can transform your marketing tools and your sales results. With a brief audit done, even a little research and messaging work will create something far more effective. Contact me for a no-cost audit of any one of your marketing tools – – Darren Ballegeer

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How to maximize response to your ad, social post, any content.

Optimize your content by giving attention to the fundamentals of communication: 1. Who – who exactly are you speaking to and what are their top desires, problems, questions? 2. What – what exactly do you want them to understand and what specific action do you want them to take? 3. Why – why should they take action and why should they do business with you instead of your competitors? To optimize any communication, you need to start with the fundamentals or you will likely waste a great deal of time and resources – it happens to many smart managers and business owners.  — Darren Ballegeer

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