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“A marketing agency is 85 % confusion and 15 percent commission.”

That was the comment to a recent post on the Vision Marketing blog – we instantly recognize it as an example of the widespread (but rarely discussed) dissatisfaction with marketing agencies. We agree that many marketing agencies and consultants are better at selling and billing than bringing sales results to clients. Many of them are confused themselves about how marketing can drive sales while others simply exploit the grey area of strategy and results in order to avoid accountability. We at Vision Marketing call it ‘Marketing’s profitable dysfunction’, which will be the subject of a future post. On the flip side, some responsibility for the confusion belongs to business owners and managers who make many assumptions about marketing and who often don´t commit the same due diligence as they do when vetting a lawyer, accountant, etc. How to vet a marketing agency will also be covered in a future post here. — Darren Ballegeer

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