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Business owners’ marketing fatigue

I love seeing the relief in a business owner or manager’s face when I explain why all or some of their marketing efforts are not generating the needed response. Unfortunately, many marketing services and products are sold to small and medium size businesses much like any other services or products. It can be bewildering for the decision makers at the business, who usually want a real solution. Nobody likes to get sold, but pressure and promises often rule the game. I urge all businesses to really question the people offering services – you need to know if they are a real marketing consultant or a just a salesperson who lacks understanding of your business, industry, and of marketing. Ask them about results they have delivered for other businesses. Ask them tough questions like ‘How can I know which of my marketing efforts are working?´Ask about measurement tools and programs. And certainly make sure to ask them how you can better stand out from your competitors. — Darren Ballegeer

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