Mind the Gap: Presenting your Brand from a Balanced Perspective

Most businesses are naturally self-centered, which is a reference about perspective ratherthegap than ego. Expressing your brand only or mostly from an internal perspective often creates a costly perception gap – a gap not only between how you and your customers perceive your brand, but also between how you prefer to present your brand and how consumers prefer to engage with brands (and discover brands). Most small businesses would benefit from paying more attention to the preferences of their target consumers and assessing marketing content from their POV.

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Organic Marketing, Organic Growth

Organic business growth usually refers to an increase in sales and brand following that’s driven by word-of-mouth, not by targeted, outbound marketing communications. It’s valuable to study businesses that have a more natural marDSC_3094ket approach based in a knowing that there is a market segment that’s eager for their product and brand experience. A recent visit to a unique winery in Italy was a mini case study in organic business growth and brand building. See article HERE

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How lifestyle marketing has evolved

September 12, 2017 Leave a comment

Showing people enjoying branded products as part of their lifestyle is an old concept that in most cases has evolved beyond beer ads on TV that showed perfect-looking mercedes-benz-marco-polo-activity-edition-van-euro-spec-e1520198962153.jpgpeople enjoying another perfect day. Showing how a product enables or enhances a certain lifestyle is part of the trend of being more relevant and genuine. Knowing your target market, instead of idealizing it, is the first step to creating effective marketing campaigns.

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3 Questions for Growing Market Share

Even with quality products and excellent customer service, many good companies are oftenmkt share pie limited in their competitiveness against larger competitors and therefore their ability to take market share from the larger players in their industry.  The good news is that with smart marketing strategy, smaller companies can grow their market share in a big way. Developing a strategy always starts with asking the right questions – here are a few to consider.

  1. What is the perceived value of your brand (and products) compared to larger competitors?
  2. Have you matched your competitive advantages to defined market segments?
  3. Are you communicating your competitive advantages clearly to your target segments?
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Marketing is business planning

Marketing is widely misunderstood by many business people, for natural reasons. It’s also widely misunderstood by many marketing consultants, most of whom serve as content producers (writers, designers) or technicians (SEO, socialmarketing-strategies signs CROP media, etc.). Marketing strategy should drive your business planning for the future — it should not be viewed as merely promotion and branding. Your business’ role in the market and community needs to be envisioned by you and then realized with strategic planning.   — Darren Ballegeer

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Marketing Challenges are Universal

When I travel and meet business people in different countries, I see the same fundamental marketing challenges. easyjet.a319.arp I see that universal truths of human nature and business transcend borders, culture, language and industry. Here are the recommendations I make to business people in response to two marketing challenges I often hear:
1. “Consumers don’t want to take a chance on a product they don’t understand”. Recommendation – Since most consumers prefer to follow others rather than educate themselves, customer stories should lead your marketing communications. Address consumers’ questions and concerns through a positive customer story.

2. “I don’t want to spend more money on advertising or other promotion, but I need to get more customers”.  Recommendation – Your paid outreach is not bringing a good return because it is not strategic. Clarify your market position, message your value proposition, identify buying decision factors, and share customer stories.  — Darren Ballegeer

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The first thing that marketing should provide for your business

Of all the things that marketing communications can bring your business, what is the first and most valuable? What is the low-hanging fruit that is often ignored when big, new marketing initiatives are being planned? Answer: converting past customer prospects that you are not nurturing. Most small businesses don’t nurture prospects – if a prospect can’t be sold in the short term, they move on to new leads. It’s the failure of an outdated sales process that’s not supported by strategic marketing. Nurturing relationships with past prospects has a high ROI because it recoups value from the initial investment already made with prospects. Nurturing prospects increases sales, elevates your brand reputation, and recoups lost value from your lead generation and sales efforts.    — Darren Ballegeer

Smart Marketing Drives Buying Decisions

In order to increase your sales and profits, your marketing communications need to do more than push out product and company information.  Marketing needs to do everything that will move your customer target to a buying decision – it needs to answer key questions, clearly define customer benefits, establish trust and credibility, and honestly address the ‘unspoken’ issues that block buying behavior. In a way, marketing needs to be the customer’s advocate. Certainly, marketing needs to be deHand_With_Credit_Cardsigned from the customer’s perspective.    — Darren Ballegeer

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Marketing is a process, not a toolbox

November 25, 2014 Leave a comment

Marketing efforts should be focused on the few areas of your business that will benefit most from comarketing-strategies signs CROPmmunicating your brand’s attributes, competitive advantages, and customer benefits. Identifying these areas (by product, by sales objections, etc.) and targeting them strategically is a process. Viewing marketing communications as a menu of tools and tactics ignores the strategic opportunity that will really drive client attraction, brand affinity, and business growth.  —  Darren Ballegeer

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Good looking, but doesn’t say much

You know the type. Good looks, stylish, grabs your attention. But when you look a little deeper, there is not much substance, or you’re left confused. GluVega_4_ Brand logos and advertising is what I’m talking about – marketing tools that have been designed to look good but with little thought to what they communicate. Truth is, creative visual is not king – messaging is king and design should be its humble servant. Logo here is a good example of how attractive design cannot make up for a brand name that doesn’t communicate. – Darren Ballegeer

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